Divino7 - 100% Natural Grape Juice
Divino7 - 100% Natural Grape Juice
Divino7 - 100% Natural Grape Juice
Divino7 - 100% Natural Grape Juice
Divino7 - 100% Natural Grape Juice
Divino7 - 100% Natural Grape Juice

Divino7 - 100% Natural Grape Juice

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Divino7™ - Drink Different!

Divino7™ is a 100% natural grape juice made from Burgundy grapes with Zero Alcohol and Sugar Free.

In the north of Peru, eleven hours of land travel, in the department of La Libertad, there is a peculiar district called Cascas, known as the House of Grapes, between 800 to 1700 meters above sea level and its exceptional climate that fluctuates in two degrees Celsius ( 25-26 ° C) is highlighted as the only place in Peru and Latin America where you can find grapes in all seasons.

It is in Cascas where the best of the Burgundy Grape is selected to extract natural must, under quality standards as well as optimal maturity, in an artisanal way that after pasteurization we will obtain the highest quality Juice.

Although it comes in a similar presentation of a bottle of wine, the main difference is that it did not go through the maceration process that is needed to turn it into an alcoholic beverage, so it is suitable even for children.

If you are a person who does not drink liquor and in a family reunion you only have to drink water to share, or if you want to accompany a succulent grill or your Christmas dinner, from now on you can have a wine that does not contain alcohol and that can also be tasted by adults and children.

Divino7™ is the drink that should be in every home, where young and old can drink, where the whole family can provide and where everyone can enjoy its benefits.


Product benefits
The burgundy grape brings multiple benefits to the organism, generating well-being for those who consume it.
1. Fights Anemia.
2. Physical and Mental Energizer.
3. It reduces bad cholesterol and detoxifies the blood.
4. Strengthens bones and improves vision.
5. Eliminates uric acid.
6. Rich in antioxidants, mainly Resveratrol.
7. Cleans the digestive system.

Product Lifespan:
8 months, from the date of production, once opened the product drink within 15 to 20 days, preferably keep refrigerated.

Forms of consumption:
Direct consumption
Serve at a temperature of 15 ° C.
Shake the bottle before opening.
It may have sedimentation at the bottom of the bottle, which is typical of the product.

Bottle of 750 ml.
Peruvian Product.
Altitude: 1233 m.s.n.m.
Weather: Warm and Dry All Year (19° C).
Grape Variety: Burgundy.

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Additionally, we are a leading brand in innovation that meets all quality standards. We currently export to different countries in America. We export alcohol-free wine of the best 100% Peruvian quality.

Now you can choose to improve your life, now you can choose Divino7™ as your drink

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